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Write a synopsis of your book

Nearly every respectable book includes a synopsis. This usually describes the main thread of the story and how the plot develops towards the end.

You’ll be amazed at how many authors find writing this synopsis more challenging than writing the book itself. However, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

Start writing a synopsis for a book:

1. Start with a striking title
You’ll catch the reader’s attention, and they will want to read the rest. The title may even start with an action. This tells readers what they can expect from this book. E.g. Discover your child’s world.

2. Choose the correct form of writing.
Choose from which person’s perspective you want to write your synopsis.
This depends on what you want to achieve with your synopsis. Do you like to entertain them? Or give them insight, humor, suspense, mystery, knowledge, …?

You need to hold and intrigue your audience so to speak.

3. Rhythm
Motivate people to read your book. Give this synopsis pace, it shouldn’t be boring. People need to be convinced to buy your books. Keep them mouth-watering.

4. Focus
Put the spotlight on what the book is about and not about what happens. If you reveal too much people lose interest. Make them curious. Why should they read this? Give them the feeling that they will get an answer to their questions.

5. Emotional bond
Whatever your book is about, it will have some impact on your readers and bring up specific emotions. Try to stir up these emotions in this brief text.

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