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Work out a schedule for your book

Ok, you’re going to write a book. Now what? Work out a schedule! This keeps you in control.

Organization and planning

You often have a full-time job, children, hobbies, … ‘Compel’ yourself to free up time to work on your story.

  • Choose a couple of fixed days a week E.g. Tuesday 19-22hr, Saturday 12-18hr …
  • Find a writing spot where you can work in peace
  • Make proper arrangements with your partner (this is ‘my’ writing time)
  • Define yourself some tasks:
    • Each writing session I write x number of words
    • I write a chapter each week
    • Improve the text within a month
  • Stick to your goals!
  • Write down important dates (goals) on a calendar and hang it in a visible place (toilet, kitchen, office, …)

Decide for yourself what works best for you. After a while, you’ll find a routine, and you can ‘tighten’ your schedule.

Creating a schedule

You have several tools for this. You can work with Google calendar on your computer or download an app for your smartphone or tablet.

Below is an example of a Google calendar.
Fill in different agendas: book writing, research, leisure, …
Do you want to use this? Create a Google+ account and fill in your calendar.

Other useful tools:

Later on, we will cover this topic comprehensively.

On to the next step: Place to write my book.

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