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The first page of my book

The first page of your book is extremely important. You must lure the reader as it were to read the entire book. You need to impress with a few sentences … A fun challenge!

Let us help you:

Start with an action

The reader is immediately ‘dragged’ into the story. And obviously wants to know how it continues to unfold. Try not to be too vague here, otherwise you might lose the reader again.

E.g .: Rik jumps off the tram and starts to run, with the unwieldy sport bag over his shoulder. Speed, that’s what it comes down to now. Sweat dripping from his body. His feet hardly touch the ground. Hopefully, he’ll arrive on time. He just barely dodges a cyclist. The curtains of his apartment are open and there’s a light. He snatches his keys from his pocket, opens the door and storms up the stairs. Upstairs the door of the apartment is open. Without being surprised about it, he enters and sees Lies on the sofa. Her face is swollen, her eyes red. Little Thomas’s bed is empty. Rik is relieved. He puts the bag on the floor and walks to Lies. Lies starts to cry. With trembling hands she aims a gun at Rik …

Give the main character a dilemma

Eg .: Seven days a week I have to spend without you. Ha, what am I saying, will it be difficult for me? Well, I don’t think so. I finally get rid of that morbid jealousy, curiosity that drives me crazy every time again and again. And those 24/7 checks on what I write on Facebook, why I share something, how much time I spend with whom I call, what messages I send. I can never go anywhere alone without you, either you want to tag along or receive a photograph that proves that I am on the spot. But in those seven days I also plan to think, reflect on you and me. I’m going to ask myself whether love means that I have to sit in a golden cage all day? And if I have found the answers after seven days, I will come back to you or erase you from my memory forever …

Start with a fascinating dialog


Describe something, but don’t give away too many details. This leaves the reader with questions. This creates tension that makes them want to read more.

E.g., “In Vienna I will dance with you …” I can still hear him say that during that precious moment we got to sit in the garden alone for a brief moment, without the presence of controlling parents. ” The engagement and subsequent marriage obviously was already sealed. There was no way back. Our garden lay there just as dark and tainted as our family. Nothing remained of the green plants and colorful flowers, out of pure misery. Like humans, plants and animals also need love. If they don’t receive that they will stay scraggy or die …

Abundance of info

This is not sensible. The reader will lose interest in continuing reading.


Read the 1st page of other books. This will give you great insight.

Don’t the tips mentioned above fit your story? Don’t panic. Go your own way in making the reader interested. It’s important to keep the reader fascinated throughout the whole story.

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