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Self-publishing my book

Self-publishing refers to the publication of a book by the writer and not a publisher.

Independent publications have always existed and have proliferated in recent years because of improved printing on demand technology and the evolution of the Internet. Amateur writers retain control over their work and the way they want to bring it on the market to potential readers.

Less known writers experience great difficulty in getting a contract with major publishers. Publishers who usually refuse to invest time and money in writers who have had no previous success. Publishers want security. Their new title should sell well. It is this lack of commitment that often frustrates the unknown writer whose talent stays hidden or simply ignored.

Create My Books and Shop My Books aim to act as a door opener for beginning writers. Publishers are more likely to visit Shop My Books to see what books are popular than taking the risk to sign contracts with unknown authors.

We give writers the opportunity to work their way into the spotlight.

This simplifies the guesswork that confronts publishers daily. By publishing your book yourself, you create the opportunity to show how good your work really is.

The popularity of self-publications has increased in recent years. The writer wants a greater return on sales than traditional publishers will allow.

  • The interest in certain topics is shared only by a small niche of readers, which is not interesting for publishers.
  • The information relates only to a certain group and is not intended for sale in the general bookstore..
  • The author wants to keep full editorial control over his work.
  • The content deals with a controversial topic that makes publishers wary to print and distribute it.

As a beginning author, you are financially better off with the printing on demand service of Create My Books. Instead of investing in a large order of a thousand or more copies of his book, a novice writer will appreciate saving money. This is because the print of a book in Create My Books only starts when an order comes in. This concept is certainly interesting for niche markets that have limited or even an exact number of readers for their work. Production and distribution of such orders by Create My Books brings printing costs down.

And how does a publisher do this?

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