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Place to write my book

Find a place where you feel good. Where you can enter your ‘writer’s cocoon’ and you feel perfectly at home. This place should stimulate you to write.

Is there an ideal workplace? For most writers there is … Such a place can change, depending on your mood, the weather, …

These places are very diverse:

1. Cozy corner at home
Here you can work completely in silence or maybe with your family around you? Which in turn makes for a pleasant crowd.

2. Your office
Cut you off from the outside world. Here you have all your favorite stuff at your fingertips.

3. In the garden
This is more likely something for spring and summer … Step outside with your laptop, sit at a desk or on a blanket in the grass. The sun, trees, birds and small animals can be a haven for you. Obviously, you shouldn’t enjoy it too much, try to write something too …

4. In the library
This collection of all kinds of books from all over the world can bring you into writing mode. Who knows? You are surrounded by people who, like you, have lost themselves in their own activities and leave each other alone.

5. Café
Writing in a café works soothing for some, others find it inspiring and stimulating. They love the buzz or are able to ignore it. And another advantage: drink is brought to your table (subject to payment of course).

6. Bath
When you take a bath, this is often for more than 10 minutes. You take the time to relax. You daydream … And so ideas are born for your book. It’s important to have a notebook or tablet around. But watch out for the water!

7. During exercise
Stories often come to life when you don’t focus on them. During a walk, good storylines can emerge. Write down these thoughts using your smartphone.

8. Transport
This may be the train, plane, … Often denotes hours of quietly gazing out the window. Thus, the ideas bubble up again. Take a notebook, tablet, laptop or smartphone. Fill that time working on your book.

9. On vacation
Away from all the stress. The only question you should ask yourself is still: where will I write today? At the pool, on the beach, on the terrace, …?

Each phase of your book can be written in a different location. Major storylines worked out at home. Refining during the summer, in the garden. The cliffhangers came to life in the pub. And you reread it on vacation.

What are your favorite spots to write?

On to the next step: Pen and paper, computer or tablet.

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