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Pen and paper, computer or tablet

Pen and paper

This used to be the first choice for writing. Now it is replaced by the computer. Yet, many are still fans of notebooks. They are often used to write down phrases, small story snippets, words, jokes, things that cross your mind …. You can take the notebook anywhere.


  • Has something charming and romantic
  • Provides personal touch
  • Ability to quickly jot something down
  • No battery required


  • Delays the writer (unless you can write faster than you type)
  • Needs to be copied to your computer at a later moment

The computer

The notebook you use for short writings, the computer will be your first choice to record your stories.


  • It is faster
  • It looks professional (with pen and paper, your handwriting must be beautiful and legible)
  • You can easily share documents on the Internet (and collaborate with another author)
  • You don’t have to retype your text
  • You can make backups
  • Publishing is easier

There are also disadvantages:

  • Long hours at the computer are not healthy
  • The document loses its “personal touch.”

The tablet

This is making a strong advance. According to some people, tablets would “conquer” the world and replace computers and laptops. With the necessary accessories, it might even happen. You type using a touchscreen, which is not ergonomic after a few hours. So, use a convenient holder and an external keyboard. For taking notes on the other hand, the tablet is perfect and can be taken anywhere.


  • It is light, convenient and fast
  • It can be used everywhere
  • Easy connection (to the computer, Dropbox, Internet …)
  • You don’t have to retype your text
  • You can make backups


  • Not ergonomic (with prolonged use)
  • Faster feeling of tiredness and loss of performance (with prolonged use)
  • Buy / download Apps
  • Purchase hard case, extra keyboard and compact (upright) holder

Pen and paper, computer or tablet? There is no ‘right’ answer to this question. Some can type comfortably for hours (in a sofa or at their desk) while others shiver at the thought. Others rather write away using a fountain pen.

You know what feels best for you …

On to the next step: the first page of my book.

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