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Inspiration for my book

Everyday things

Where do you find inspiration for a story? The answer is simple: everywhere! Step out the door, work out, listen to music, watch children playing, … Open your eyes, absorb things and fantasize all you want. You don’t look for inspiration, it finds you.

In your own world

Do you prefer working from your desk? Watch news sites and surf online, the strangest things can give you inspiration. Look at old photo albums: a picture of you as a child on a beach in France may suddenly be the perfect starting point for a novel.


Do you prefer immersion in a “world of books”? Go to the library. Some get the perfect idea for their own book when reading stories.

On the train

A train provides a form of rest (except during rush hour). You drive through villages, towns, pass meadows, … During a hot summer day, in the snow, … These impressions can inspire and evoke endless emotions. Perhaps this is the time to book a trip?

Create an exercise

You can also keep it simple. Write down a few words on a piece of paper and write a story around them. Maybe this will turn into the basis of your first thriller?

Brainstorming with friends and family

Do you feel lost? Perhaps a family dinner or an outing with friends will help you take the next step. Talk to people and ask them for ideas. Brainstorm away! In a group the best ideas often arise.
This can even be during a pint.

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