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I have writer’s block

You’re sitting behind your computer, and nothing comes up … You have no inspiration (anymore) to write. This is also known as writer’s block.

Writers often have to deal with this. But what now?
Some wait until it passes. Others want to actively do something about it. They give themselves exercises to find new story angles.

Some tips:

Write something completely different

Instead of working on your book, you write, e.g., a blog about food.

Change your writing environment

Do you write behind your desk? Go outside for a change.

Do research work on the theme of your book

You’ll find new perspectives.

Follow (writing) courses

That can give you more insights.

Rewrite the first part of your book

Did you lose sight of your story line there? Some minor adjustments may add new twists.

Analyze your story

Why do you choose that specific theme? Have you temporarily lost touch with it? Then go back to the beginning.

Customize characters

Give the characters some new traits. This will give your story a different turn.


Ask someone to read your story. Their opinion is often surprising.

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