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Finish my story

You are writing your story and it is progressing smoothly. And you keep on writing and writing … Stop! At a certain point, you have to finish your story. The writing may go ever so smoothly. The story shouldn’t be ‘milked out’.

But how do you do this?

Give yourself a clear goal

These are the story lines, characters, locations, plots … and this should be ready in six months!

Do not make up unnecessary story lines

This has no value and will probably bore the reader. Especially when the end is in sight. Less is more.


Do you feel that the story is not yet finished? Maybe you should consider a trilogy? Finish your first book, launch it and in the meantime continue to work on the second while collecting feedback about the first. You storyline might get a surprising turn.

Types of endings

How to choose an ending?

  • For a thriller, this can be a surprising ending.
  • With a novel, a happy ending is often chosen, but it can be an ‘unhappy’ one as well.
  • Want to leave readers behind with unanswered questions? Choose an open end. So you can optionally write a sequel to the book.

Thus, there are several ways to complete your story. What seems to work best for your story?

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