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Describe locations in your story

As a book reader, nothing is more fun than to imagine yourself in the place where the character is located in the text. So enough attention should be paid to the locations in your book. They should become a part of your story, not just to be seen as a place where something happens.
The locations are as important as the characters and storylines.
So take the time to work out these places well.

Here are some tips:

Visit the sites

If it is workable … Of course, you shouldn’t tour the world for this.
By doing so, you get in touch better with that particular place. Look around, listen to sounds, soak up the atmosphere …

Interaction between character and place

Do not write: “His car was parked in front of my house.’
But “John was looking for his car, not knowing that it was parked in front of my house.”


Don’t overwhelm the reader with little details. The reader doesn’t benefit from you telling that there is a shovel in the car (unless this is relevant for the story at a later stage). Focus on the atmosphere without overdoing it with your description. Less is more.


Do not talk about a car, but an Audi. No pen, but a Montblanc fountain pen.
Don’t just call it a road, but a dirt road, gravel path, asphalt, …
You’ll be more accurate in your description and it will be easier for the reader to follow your story.


To strengthen the feeling you have with a certain location, you can use contrasts and comparisons.
When telling about life in Thailand, use comparisons between a spicy Thai curry and Belgian food. The reader will understand your sense of contrast faster.

Not: “The house of my grandmother suddenly looks very old.”
But, “In my 10 year absence grandma’s magnificent mansion degenerated into a dirty stable.”

Readers should be able to sniff the atmosphere and share the location’s experience. This turns the book into something to dream away with …

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