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Come up with a (brilliant) title

Title and cover are very important for a book. The first impression is crucial. Isn’t your title interesting enough? Then people will not want to read your book.

  • A beautiful sentence from the book can be a title.
  • Brainstorm with words (that have something to do with the story).
  • Use the name of the main character.
  • Analyze other titles.
  • Invoke questions with your title. This intrigues people.
  • Consider many titles. Which fits the theme and the characters best?
  • Let others read your book. Ask for their help in finding the perfect title.
  • A title develops as the story is written. In the end, a title may suddenly pop up in your head …

Behind meaningless titles, wonderful stories often hide, the opposite is also true, unfortunately.

Do you already have a title for your book?

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