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Choosing a good theme for my book

Before you start writing a book, you should have a theme in mind. That makes it a little easier to write.

How to choose a theme for a book?

Pick a topic that touches you. It should be something that ignites your curiosity and continues to fascinate. If you write about something that doesn’t interest you, the reader will notice.

Do you choose a children’s book? A biography? A fictional story? Or maybe your preference lies in a detective, a chick lit, … If you lack any feeling for science fiction, it won’t be your first choice to write about.

Take a sheet of paper (yes, now) and ask yourself these questions:

  • Which genre attracts me the most?
  • What will give me satisfaction when writing?
  • What I am most knowledgeable about?
  • What am I good at?
  • Which subject will continue to fascinate me?

All these points should be taken into consideration before determining a theme.

I can’t choose a theme

Do you have a number of themes in mind but you can’t choose? Write some scenes around these themes. You will quickly find out which one has your preference. Don’t give it too much thought and don’t finish your book in one go with a particular theme. Later on, you may start to realize that your book is not the gem that you had hoped for. Choose one theme and start developing the story.

How to develop a story?

Read more about it here: Develop characters and storylines

What if my starting point is a character?

To explain this in an easy way, we will use an example. Your aunt has lived an eventful life in the Congo. You want to use her for inspiration.

Many themes can be derived from this:

  • You can write a biography.
  • A travel story about her trips to Belgium.
  • A fictional story about a girl and her adventures in the Congo.
  • A detective or thriller where you use certain places and people from your aunt’s past.

Above all, choose something that intrigues you and start writing.

Remember: writing a book should be enjoyable! Having a bad day? Tomorrow brings another day to continue writing your story with renewed enthusiasm!

On to the next step: From which person’s perspective do I write my story.

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