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Choosing a cover type

At Create My Books you can choose from different cover types:

  • Paperback
  • Hardcover Case Wrap
  • Hardcover Dust Jacket

What is the difference between these covers?

Paperback: A softcover in color.

Hardcover Casewrap: A hardcover in color. This print is laminated with a glossy finish.

Hardcover Dust Jacket: A hardcover lined with black fabric and wrapped with a paper cover in color.

Which cover suits my book best?

Each cover has a different type of firmness and texture; the weight is also different. Do you go for a soft or hard cover? Much depends on the book size and number of pages. The choice of the cover is very personal. Consider what is most convenient for the reader.

Ask yourself the following questions when making your choice:

  • What is the book’s purpose?
    Your reader will take it anywhere. During the commute, but also in bed before going to sleep? Then go for a lighter Paperback.
    The book is often used but is probably left at home (e.g. a dictionary, cooking guide, art book or manual)? Then a hardcover can be chosen.
  • Do I spend (much) money?
    A Paperback will reduce the price of your book. Would you rather give your book a better look? Go for a luxurious Casewrap or Dust Jacket finish. In a Dust Jacket, the wrap can be removed by the reader.
  • Do I want high quality and durability?
    If you go for durability, choose a Hardcover Casewrap.
  • What is my target audience?
    Have you written a children’s book? Then go for a Casewrap. A Paperback will have a less long “life” when children play with it. With a Dust Jacket the wrap immediately disappears.
    A more ‘traditional’ public might prefer a classic hardcover with wrap. Writing for students? A Casewrap will last longer. But Paperback in turn is easier to take along to school every day …

As you can see, there are many points to consider. Foremost, keep the purpose and audience of your book in mind.

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