Frequently Asked Questions

Product Definition

Yes, you can add your own photo’s of products

All Peleman standard products will be defined with the applicable “options”, the same way of working (product variants) can be applied for non-Peleman products.

Product variants, based on the same product, are defined as a copy of the base-product + specific description and photo’s (or options).

Min & max number of pages are a parameter for PDF content and number of pages for a photobook.

Yes, this can be done in the backend of the webshop.

For example: Backend Dashboard => Products => Thesis Hard Cover A4 => Edit => Variations => Select a variation => Scroll down, there you’ll see the price per page

Yes, the PDF uploaded will validate the size of the PDF based on the parameter of the product (A4, A5, portrait/landscape)

The system supports two types of “content”.   If the content is delivered as a PDF then the answer is YES, PDF upload is separate from cover design in the editor.  When the “content” are photo’s and/or “graphics”, then the answer is NO, it’s in the same “design” in the editor (e.g. photobook with full color cover + content).

The webshop is a WooCommerce webshop, which is a widely used platform, so documentation can also be found on the internet. If the product requires customization using the Peleman Image Editor, then we’ll document the possible parameter how to interact with the Peleman Image Editor.

Product Pricing

Yes, the system supports a base-price + price based on number of pages (for e.g. Thesis, the PDF upload will count the number of pages + depending on how its printed (single/double sided printing)).

Each product “variant” is a “variant” in WooCommerce and will/can have its own price.

Platform, Branding, Landing Page

The following items can be tailored: Company Details (Name, Address, Social Media, Logo, about info, Notification Header, …) + Logo + Brand colors, Slide Show photo’s (Carousel), Menu + links

Yes, menu’s can be changed

When you want to join this program, several steps need to be taken.  An agreement/contract need to be signed, and functional/technical questions are required because it will involve an installation.  The questionnaire helps you to setup the right environment.  The information provided to us (like logo, color, baseline, ….) in the questionnaire will be processed / setup in the initial web shop version.


Yes, the system uses the WordPress/WooCommerce user registration (at checkout of cart)

At this time only 1 price per product is supported, no customer specific pricing

We suggest Mollie payment, other WooCommerce compatible Payment systems are possible

Link to other system – ERP, billing…?

The system is a webshop only, no ERP system.  Products can be indicated as “on stock” or “out of stock/available on request”

Invoices can be produced from the webshop (without payment follow up)

Multiple stores and Partners

A website/webshop belongs to 1 company, the payment system is linked to the bank account of the company, we don’t see an application for a partner or dealer network.

As long as the multiple store belong to the same Company, the answer is yes. It will be 1 webshop, but multiple stores/pick-up points can be defined in the system. The payment will be linked to 1 account.


The webshops are hosted in Western Europe datacenters of large datacenter providers

This site is registered on as a development site.