Create & publish your own book
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Plan ahead for the holidays

Our advice: place your order by the 14th of December 2023 at the latest. This deadline ensures that our print partner, who will be taking a short break between Christmas and New Year, can process and dispatch your book gifts in time. This way, they are guaranteed to be under the Christmas tree.

Orders received after the 14th of December will only be processed in 2024.

Happy holidays!

If you ask people about their “bucket list”, of all the things they definitely want to achieve in their lives, then writing a book is in the top ten. Create & publish your own book!

There are so many things that we wish we had done, but really all it takes is that small jump into the unknown. Write your story now. It has never been easier to self-publish a book. Just do it.

Create And Shop My Books will get you started, with its extremely user-friendly online solution and true experts that help you publish your book.

Create & publish your own book
Create & publish your own book
  • Create a book with the letters from your grandparents
  • Bundle all your kids’ drawings and give it to them later
  • Compile an anniversary book with the family
  • Publish your own cookbook
  • Write down your poems and stories
  • Archive local history on paper so that these unique facts and beautiful legends will not be lost and can be passed on to the next generations for ever.

By merging new opportunities from the digital graphic world and our own expertise in innovative print, presentation and photo solutions, we have developed a unique solution with Create And Shop my books. A tool that gives everyone the opportunity to create a self-publish book.

Start today and look forward to that wonderful moment when you get your hands on that very first copy. The amazing scent of freshly printed ink and razor sharp cut paper fill the room. Your stories compiled and ready to pass on to an audience of interested readers.

Create & publish your own book
Create & publish your own book

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Create & publish your own book

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Create & publish your own book

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3 covertypes

You can choose 3 different covertypes for your book

Create & publish your own book
Hardcover Casewrap

A hard cover with a laminated colorprint and a glossy finish

Create & publish your own book
Hardcover Dust Jacket

A black linnen hard cover with a paper dust jacket in color

Create & publish your own book

A soft cover in color

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