Book prices

These are prices for a black and white book of 100 pages. incl. 6% BTW.

Cover A5 21x21 cm A4 6x9 inch Letter
Hardcover Casewrap ? 13.62 GBP 14.65 GBP 15.05 GBP 13.62 GBP 15.05 GBP
Hardcover Dust Jacket ? 12.43 GBP 13.47 GBP 13.86 GBP 12.43 GBP 13.86 GBP
Paperback ? 10.06 GBP 10.89 GBP 11.09 GBP 10.06 GBP 11.09 GBP

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A book doesn’t have to be expensive. Calculate your book price here. Fill in the number of pages and choose your cover type and format.

Book price calculator

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